T-shirt Toad

Meet The Top Toads

Shannon & Andrea CaffeyT-Shirt Toad is a custom design t-shirt company based out of Las Vegas, NV.

Shannon Caffey is the proud owner and operator of T-Shirt Toad. The company was born out of the desire to fill a need for soft, personalized t-shirts and other merchandise that is often hard to find.

“You Inspired” products

As an avid concert attendee, Shannon was frequently discouraged by how commercial and impersonal fan products could be. He heard from friends and family about how they wished they could put their own personal design and photos on a product, or easily customize shirts for trips, events, and special occasions. Now anyone can create shirts with personal messages, pictures of their kids and grandkids, beloved pets, family vacation photos and more.
It’s possible that Shannon is wearing a shirt right now that he made with a photo from a memorable fan experience. 

Why Choose Us?

Once Shannon began to research the direct-to-garment process, he knew there was solution to fill the needs of people who are looking for something unique and special. That’s why T-Shirt Toad has made it our mission to find the softest tees for our clients and use a DTG printer that transfers prints seamlessly without cracking and peeling. 

Shannon also has a heart for service and want to help nonprofits get the custom printed products they need. You can learn more about how T-Shirt Toad supports nonprofits here.

Start Creating

What are you inspired to create? Simply pick the t-shirt, bandana, or tote that you would like to customize and let your creativity flow. Upload your custom logo, favorite slogan, or intricate design through our software. Once you’re satisified with your masterpiece, we’ll begin the printing process. Learn all the details of how our printing process works!