T-shirt Toad

T-Shirt Toad delivers the best and brightest custom printed shirts and merchandise for our customers nationwide. Our direct to garment printing allows us to not only provide flexible ordering but fully customized designs of a quality that can’t be achieved with screen printing technology alone.

If you’re on the lookout for custom t-shirt printing that doesn’t feel like a peel and stick design, learn more about how DTG benefits you.

Tshirt Toad Printer

High-Caliber Printer

We’ve all seen the result of older, less sophisticated garment printing technologies. These blasts from the past are stiff and immovable, and prone to cracking and discoloration after only a few wash cycles. Frankly, they’re not comfortable for daily wear, either.

Our Epson F2100 Direct-To-Garment printer has upgraded the t-shirt design printing process in astonishing ways. Just one of the perks of choosing T-Shirt Toad and our high-caliber printing technology is a higher-quality, more durable, and comfortable product.

  • Print Resolutions Of Up To 1440 x 720 For Color
  • Print Resolutions Of Up To 1440 x 1440 For White
  • Outstanding Clarity & Sharpness
  • Incredible Print Speed
  • Expedient Project Turnaround Times
  • Reliability & Consistency
  • High Production Capability
  • Easily Maintain Supple Texture & Feel – Yes, Softer Shirts!
  • Smooth Tonal Gradations
  • Far Less Design Mottling & Peppering
  • Terrific Range Of Colors & Hues
  • Fully Customizable Designs
  • Photorealistic Images
  • On-Demand Ordering

This highly-specialized printer is truly an impressive machine, with extraordinary specifications that we are pleased to put to work for you.

The Printing Process

So what makes the Epson F2100 DTG Printer better than your average screen printing processes? Quite a lot. This finely tuned printing machine renders photo-perfect imagery onto products like custom t-shirts, bandanas, or tote bags through superior technology. Our advanced, digital t-shirt printing tech is great for print-on-demand small orders as well.

Black and white designs? Full-color custom shirts? Yes, we do that and more.

Please note: we require a minimum image resolution 600 dpi, and request your design be no larger than 14″ x 16.”

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Stand-Out Digital T-Shirt Printing

No matter what your design looks like, when you choose direct-to-garment printing with T-Shirt Toad, we deliver simply spectacular results. If you’re seeking vibrant hues or intricate designs that maintain their integrity after washing, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t let inferior technology leave you stuck with sad, uncomfortable garments and images that won’t last. Upload your design or create a new one in our store.  Reach out to us today to get started with your customized DTG print order.